Della’s Story

Della’s Story
Online Escape Room

About Della

A Sixties Scoop Survivor

Della is from the Neskonlith First Nation in British Columbia. She was taken from her family in 1964 and fostered onto a farm. She spent her time there with her biological sister and other Indigenous children who were fostered there as well. Della left the farm when she was 18 years old.

In the 1980s

Della went back to her Nation, and was able to meet her brother who attended Kamloops Indian Residential School. At that time she learned that many of her family members were deceased or could not be located. From that time forward, Della started her own family and became a mother to five children.

An Online Escape Room

Della’s Story virtual escape room allows teams of people to uncover clues while discovering the story of a Sixties Scoop Survivor. The teams are positioned as junior scientists from the future that are tasked with placing memories from a Residential School Classroom, an Old Barn and an Office to unlock a final room.

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  • Players: 3 to 8 players recommended; experience can accommodate more
  • Classroom formats available for schools
  • Ages 14+ recommended, but appropriate for 12 years old
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  • All times are indicated in Mountain Standard Time
  • Each Della’s Story played provides an honorarium to her for sharing story, as well as payment for the youth facilitator
  • If you have special requests, reach out to USAY and we can try to accommodate different groups sizes.
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