New Tribe Magazine

*Funding for this program has be discontinued*

New Tribe Magazine was USAY’s monthly magazine published in Calgary and distributed throughout the city and surrounding communities. The goal of New Tribe was to be the voice of urban Indigenous youth.

Our mission was and still is to promote a positive outlook on Indigenous living in an urban setting by promoting and sharing information within the community.

New Tribe aimed to provide Indigenous youth with stories of inspiration, and invited them to share their own stories and get involved in the community. Youth were encouraged to contribute to the magazine, whether it was to be artwork, fiction, poetry or journalism.

Each month we profiled a youth who had made a difference and was taking steps towards achieving their goals. We also regularly featured Cool Jobs; it profiled people in different industries with interesting careers to give youth a closer look at opportunities available to them.

Up to 5,000 copies of New Tribe Magazine were printed monthly and distributed at public locations and Indigenous organizations around Calgary. We also had a mailing list for companies, organizations and individuals who wished to receive copies regularly. New Tribe magazine became a main source of information and entertainment not only for our youth, but for the Indigenous community of Calgary as well.

We hope to one day revive this program, for more information, please contact us at

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