Enriching the Lives of Indigenous Youth

We believe our Indigenous youth have a right to develop to their full potential as valued and engaged citizens within their Nations and Canada, where their culture and identity are celebrated.

By drawing on our traditional Indigenous knowledge, we partner with local community partners, sponsors, as well as Indigenous communities and youth, to deliver programs that support our mission and vision. Learn more about our inclusion program in this video.

Programs & Services

Our Programs Focus

Combining social innovation and traditional Indigenous culture, which results in unique programs that meet Indigenous youth ‘where they’re at’ while encouraging positive identity and sense of self.

The Process

USAY co-creates programming with Indigenous youth, partners and Elders, which is also unique to charitable organizations and is one contributing factor that makes our work highly successful. The goal is to create services that meet the direct needs of the Indigenous youth we serve, and how they see success, to create change in our direct community.


Currently Offered


Each year one young Indigenous leader is named the USAY Ambassador and receives their own custom made regalia. They attend community events and encourage others to embrace their culture and a positive lifestyle. This prestigious position is passed down from one Ambassador to the next annually.

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A Warrior's Journey: Then & Now

An interactive, body painting art exhibit, in which Indigenous young men portrayed the journey of an Elder from Residential Schools through to being a traditional leader, featured in New Tribe Magazine: Special Edition.

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Annoh’kotsiiyop (Passing It Down)

To support Indigenous youth and Elders sharing knowledge, USAY will provide monthly activities with all of the supplies to encourage intergenerational transmission of knowledge. Activities include traditional learnings and technological support to create success among all participants.


Aksistooyiipaitapissin (the thing that motivates someone to stay alive) is an interactive, Indigenized journal that allows youth to take part in activities that support their positive mental health.

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Blackfoot Graphic Novels

A graphic novel that engages Indigenous children and youth with Blackfoot language and traditional stories to improve transmission of this endangered language.

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Christmas Hampers

USAY provides Christmas Hampers to Indigenous families that are nominated through our social media outlets. Each family receives a Christmas hamper that is filled with gifts, food and other supplies they would need to make their holiday special.

COVID-19 Relief

Supporting Indigenous youth and their families through the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic with food supports, social activities and other opportunities to support their overall success during these changing times.

Della’s Story

A virtual escape room that allows ‘players’ to understand more about the Sixties Scoop, to sign up a group to take part in the escape room

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Finding Victor VR

Finding Victor is a virtual reality escape room that aims to tell a compelling story of Indigenous youth, Victor, overcoming homelessness and stabilizing his life.

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Indigenous Youth Financial Empowerment

Supporting Indigenous youth with critical supports, such as learner’s permits, identification and other key tools that allow them to be successfully housed.


Using GPS services on smart devices, people can walk trails and view artwork created by Indigneous youth in the community. To see the trails available. Learn more in this video: click here

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Indigenous Inclusion Program

A weekly, after school program that supports Indigenous youth to engage on a healing journey, and feel more included in their school and community.

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Indigenous Pride

Allowing two-spirited, Indigenous youth to feel accepted and honoured by creating opportunities to connect and walk in the Calgary Pride Parade.

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Indigenous Real-Time Toolkit

Supporting service providers to create tools, networks and utilize social media to better connect with Indigenous youth and increase successful transitions.

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Indigenous Tales

An interactive dinner theatre that allows Indigenous youth to express themselves through performance arts and engages the audience in powerful dialogue toward reconciliation.

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Indigenous Tech 101

A workshop series that allows Indigenous youth to understand careers in the technology industry including 3D printing, 360 video and other skills.

Indigenous Literacy Assessment

To better understand the literacy level of Indigenous adults in the community to develop tools, resources and programming to meet their unique reading and writing needs.

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IndigiMAP is a language learning app that provides an introduction to Indigenous languages across Canada, including Cree, Blackfoot and others. To download the app and find out more

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Indigenous Women’s Augmented Mural Series

Young Indigenous women created three murals that focused on workplace barriers, gender-based violence and civic engagement. The murals are mixed medium and contain additional content through Augmented Reality (AR). To see more, please check out the murals here

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Indigenous Youth Employment Program

A virtual reality toolkit that supports Indigenous youth to build skills and knowledge to reduce barriers to their employment and training success. The toolkit will also include Indigenous awareness training for employers looking to improve diversity and learning within their workplaces.


Ksistsikoom (Thunder): A Video Game

A virtual reality game that was adapted from USAY's previous graphic novel, Ksistsikoom (Thunder). Players are fully immersed in the digital environment and engage with Blackfoot language in a fun, meaningful way. Click here for full playthrough

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Lunch Programs

On a rotating schedule, USAY provides a meal to Indigenous youth in schools throughout Calgary. The goal is to promote a sense of belonging and positive cultural connection.

Medicine Wheel Warriors

Combining art and technology, Indigenous children and youth learn about the Medicine Wheel and create superhero personas that are 3D printed into action figures with their likeness.

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Moh-kins-tsis Healing Network

Allowing USAY to collaborate for greater sector and policy change throughout Calgary and Alberta.

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New Tribe

Is to be an outlet for the Indigenous youth voice while promoting a positive outlook on Indigenous people living in urban settings. The magazine promotes information sharing and awareness building activities as a core foundational component.

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Original Laughter

A short documentary featuring Indigenous comedians from around Alberta and Canada discuss the importance of laughter to overcoming trauma and building resiliency.

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Wheels for Success Feasibility Study

A van sharing concept, in which youth serving agencies could share a van, bus or vehicle to have safe, reliable transportation for their participants (Car2Go for charities)

Treaty 7 Encampment

A land-based project that allows Indigenous women to learn about a traditional Treaty 7 Encampment and their roles traditionally and how to apply them in a contemporary setting. The women also created a 360 degree film, which will be released soon.

The Beginning

A 3D layered glass sculpture which was inspired by Indigenous Elders and created by a team of Indigenous young women, currently located at the Shawnessy Public Library. See more about the Placemaking Initiative in this video.


Writing On Stone/Sacred Teachings

Sacred Teachings is a spiritual tour of the recently named UNESCO World Heritage Site, Writing On Stone Provincial Park. This virtual reality experience tours North America’s largest collection of rock art and describes the tangible magic of this site. Hear stories from Elder Saakokoto who is joined by narrator Eugene Brave Rock to explore a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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USAY’s Backpack Giveaway

Indigenous children and youth, pre-school to post-secondary, register to receive a backpack full of supplies, as well as attend a back-to-school celebration and health fair.

Youth Center

USAY is looking to rent or purchase a new space to meet our growing and expanding needs.

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