Virtual Reality

USAY has created some truly ground-breaking VR games to showcase positive, vibrant and diverse Indigenous culture. VR technology is designed to help raise engagement, increase knowledge retention and community engagement. To make our VR accessible we have them built for the Oculus Store and ready for free download. Community groups, schools or others can also request demonstrations by emailing

Finding Victor VR

Finding Victor is a virtual reality escape room that aims to tell a compelling story of Indigenous youth, Victor, overcoming homelessness and stabilizing his life. The entire experience is set around Victor, an Indigenous artist that has recently lost a close friend which has been the catalyst to a downward spiral into partying, criminal activity and ultimately homelessness. The player is a friend that has been given the task of following Victor, solving clues and uncovering his journey back to support.

Finder Victor has been nominated as a 2020 Rosie Award Finalist.


Writing On Stone/Sacred Teachings

Writing on Stone Provincial Park is a recently named UNESCO World Heritage site. Not only does it have one of the largest collections of rock art in North America but there is a tangible sensation in visiting the sacred location. Indigenous people have traveled to Writing on Stone for thousands of years, interpreting and adding to the petroglyphs and pictographs on the sandstone hoodoos. Now, Blackfoot Elder Saakokoto Randy Bottle joins Blackfoot actor Eugene Brave Rock to bring audiences inside a once in a lifetime experience – an Elder guided journey through Writing on Stone in Virtual Reality.

Thunder VR – A first of its kind

This VR story chronicles the journey of a man who must challenge the powerful spirit, Thunder (Ksiistsikom). Indigenous storytelling comes together with immersive experience to feature the endangered Blackfoot language. Learn more about Thunder VR in the video below.

ThunderVR has been nominated as a 2020 Rosie Award Finalist.


Niitsitapi’aakii Blackfoot Women

Niitsitapi’aakii (Blackfoot women) is a groundbreaking virtual reality project. Step into the world of Indigenous women as they reconnect with their ancestral wisdom, facing modern challenges while preserving their identity. This immersive VR film offers a powerful, visually stunning journey, reminding us of the enduring significance of cultural heritage in a changing world.